Secure Product Development

No one remembers second place. Get security right from the start – and be first to market.

When challenges become opportunities.

The race is on. Win it.

Rapidly launch new products, applications, and updates – and maximize your revenue.

Make insecurity a thing of the past.

Identify issues early in development and send only secure products into production.

Test more in less time.

Validate product security by scaling your testing capabilities and expertise.

Speed and security. You can have both.

Fixing vulnerabilities becomes exponentially cheaper if you’re able to catch them sooner in the development lifecycle. Innovation DS assists you with establishing and implementing a secure software development lifecycle and testing components – giving you the confidence to launch your products quickly and securely.

Build in security from the start.

To mitigate risk, your software development lifecycle should take a programmatic approach to security. We help you define a comprehensive testing strategy that’s right for your organization – identifying a cyclical process of test and development that will facilitate the launch of more secure products and applications.

Eliminate the bandwidth bottleneck.

Running a full-scale testing program in your software development lifecycle requires significant bandwidth. Our technical testers augment your internal team, giving you the expertise and scale to expedite your development processes while improving your security posture.

Cover every angle.

Our technical testers bring the benefit of specialized expertise coupled with experience from all aspects of cybersecurity. And we know what it takes to innovate – having created and shared more than 50 open source and purpose-built security tools.

Game changers.

Smart buildings. Connected appliances. Life-saving medical devices. Voting machines and ATMs. Cars and home automation. You name it, we’ve tested it – and helped today’s innovators navigate risk as they revolutionize our world.