Cyber Threat and Vulnerability Management

Beat them at their game. Partner with the adversary of your adversaries.

When cybersecurity threats become opportunities.

The best decisions are rooted in knowledge.

Understand exactly what you need to secure.

What you don’t see can hurt you.

Identify vulnerabilities in the cloud, on-prem, and with applications that are outside the purview of IT.

Scale your environment, not your risk.

Uncover and remediate critical issues in your complex and ever-growing environment.

Turning complexity into confidence

Firmly understanding your environment – and the risks associated with it – is fundamental and defines the success or failure of everything you do. By taking a programmatic approach to threat and vulnerability management, you can streamline risk actions and improve your security posture.

Shape your cybersecurity program.

As the threat and vulnerability management program establishes how your organization views risks associated with your IT environment, your program must align with your business. Strategy, policies, processes, measurement, and ongoing stakeholder communication must integrate into your enterprise risk management. That means before we do anything technical, we put these critical elements in place.

Execute with expertise.

As the largest pen testing firm in North America, we’re able to deliver your full threat and vulnerability management program from start to finish. Technical testing is coupled with ongoing status reports, remediation recommendations, and stakeholder communication.

Better decisions. Better results.

Our priority is to help you illuminate risk in a way that empowers business leaders to make informed decisions about mitigating or accepting associated risks. By gaining a thorough understanding of the vulnerabilities in your environment, you can prioritize the areas in which you should direct budget dollars and resources to realize the most impactful business outcomes.